Get close to nature

I honestly feel like you cant get any closer to being your true self when you spend time getting close to nature.  The beauty of everything in this world is quite astounding.  I have spent the past few days on Dartmoor, and whether it was misty, foggy or bright sunshine the place was truly stunning.  Not just the wildlife, which there is plenty, but everything that mother nature has created... the rolling landscapes, the rocky tors, the vast expanses of granite covered with the most intricate of lichens... and then there's the sounds, the wind in the trees, actually no... just the wind.  The sound of the wind making it's way over every contour of the land, touching every blade of grass and gently caressing everything in it's path... have you ever stopped to listen to just the wind??  Please stop and do it, it really is magical.  Mix in the distant lamb calling for it's mother and the delicate pattering of water flowing and bouncing happily between the rocks  as it carves it's way down the hillside and you have a symphony like no other.

To be able to be a part of that landscape is an incredibly fortuitous position to be in and one that I feel very lucky to be able to experience.  If only more more people could lift their head away from the LCD screens of technology and their pixel creations and realise that the true wonders of this world are right in front of us, they don't require pinching to zoom or swiping to pan... allow your eyes to focus elsewhere...  Get in touch with nature, feel and breath and smell nature...  get outside and be part of nature.