A warm welcome

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post on my new website!  My future blogs will be a mix of photography with some inside info, post-processing and tips, wildlife and conservation stories and hopefully some research insight.  I hope this will give you some insight into why I love the outside world, why you should love it too and why it needs all the help it can get!  

For my first post I am going to stick to some wildlife photography...  this was last night, it had been a pretty dull and uninspiring day but I decided to head out with the camera anyway.  As I parked up and began my walk out onto the headland there was just a slight thinning of the cloud.  Ten minutes later and I was watching the most beautiful of Cornish sunsets with the sky slowly changing from orange to red and then through pinks and purple.  The wildlife that I managed to see was just the icing on the cake, with grey seals, gulls and a kestrel it was a really lovely evening.  So don't let the cloud put you off, you never quite know what mother nature is going to do!